Stream of Self

Stream of Self

I came to the conclusion a little while ago, that if I’m ever gonna get my songs out there, I needed to do most of it myself. I don’t have the money to hire fancy producers, mucisians and studios, etc.

So I have been studying producing for about a year now. I had no idea, and hadn’t really reflected much on it before, how much it actually takes, to make a song sound good. I also realized, that if I’m going to hold off on all releases, until I’m good enough, or professional like others out there, my first release could be planned for sometime in 2025-26 ;).

The SOS project will be built step by step, so anyone who chooses to follow me, will at the same time, in many ways take part in my educational progress. For more complex parts of my songs I need instrumental help, so I have, and will continue to bring in friends and guest artists, to play on various parts. I am mainly a vocalist, a songwriter second,  who has been on and off, different small projects, here and there through the years.


I've had this song lying around for a while. I was quite happy with parts of it, but the chorus wasn't quite there.

During surfing the Internet's alternative media, I have noticed the statement WWG1WGA, popping up in different places and settings. I didn't think much of it, until I came across an article about the origin of the statement. If it's true or not, I don't know, but the article claimed, that this statement is engraved on a ships bell, belonging to one of JFKs boats/ships. From there, it didn't take long, till I had the chorus I was looking for.

So to me, this song is about unity, and that we all indeed belong to the one human race. In these strange times we are in, united we stand, divided we fall comes to mind (from Pink Floyds «Hey you»).


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